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These crafts are good for VBS or Sunday school classes

Large Ribbon
This can be used to award children or for any other uses.
What You will need:
-dark blue fun foam or construction paper
-dark blue tempera paint
-paint pen or glitter glue pen
Each child will need:
-dessert-sized white heavy duty paper plate
-large white lightweight paper plate
-shallow containers
To begin:
Start by cutting two 3 by 9 inch (7.5 by 23 cm) fun foam or construction paper strips for each child.  Cover work area with newspaper.  Pour paint into shallow containers.
Instruct each child to paint back of smaller plate blue.  Let it dry.  Cut slits around outside of larger paper plate, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart and 2 inches (5 cm)  deep.  Glue ends of foam strips to back of larger plate.  Spread glue on rim of smaller plate and glue facedown to front of larger plate.  On front of award, you can write the messages.
Praise Puppet
What You Will Need
-plastic flip-top cap (ones that come from shampoo bottles)
-masking tape
-white glue
-red construction paper
-two wiggle eyes
-tiny pom-pom
-2 inch pom-pom
What You Will Need to do:
Turn the cap upside-down.  The top of the cap will form the bottom jaw of the puppet. Cover the outside of the cap with masking tape.  You can use the masking tape shade for the skin color or use markers to make the skin another color.
Trace around the cap on the red paper.  Cut the circle out.  Use a marker to write "Praise God" on the circle.  Put a piece of masking tape on the inside of the bottom jaw to create a better gluing surface.  Glue the circle inside the mouth of the puppet.
Use a marker to draw a smile on the bottome center of the jaw.
Put a tiny square of masking tape on the back of each wiggle eye to create a better gluing surface.  Glue the eyes to the face, above the open mouth.  Glue the tiny pom-pom just below the eyes for the nose.
Put a strip or two of masking tape inside the cap, again to create a better gluing surface.
Glue one side of the large pom-pom in the cap with most of it sticking out for hair.
Hair-Growing Samson
What you will need:
-construction paper in skin color
-white glue
-cardboard toilet-tissue tube
-cardboard egg carton
-Styrofaom egg carton
-grass seed
What You will do:
Draw a body for Samson on the construction paper as tall as the cardboard tube.  Do not draw a head on the body.  Use the markers to draw on clothes.  Cut out the body and glue it to one side of the cardboard tube.
Cut a cup from the cardboard egg carton for the head.  Use markers to draw a face on one side of the head, with the open end of the cup up.
Glue the head to the top of the body.
Cut a cup from the Styrofoam egg carton.  Put it inside the cardboard cup head for a liner.
Fill the head with dirt and sprinkle with grass see.  Don't forget to water the seed lightly every few days.
In The Beginning
(from Shining Star Publications 1992)
"And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light."  Gensis 1:3
What You Will Need:
-1 1/2" to 2" Styrofoam balls
-silver and gold glitter
-silver and gold metallic pipe cleaners
-craft glue, scissors
-two small shallow dishes
What To Do:
Cut the pipe cleaners into 2"sections.  Pour silver and gold glitter into a dish and mix.  Pour glue into another small dish.
Have children roll balls around in the glue to coat them.  Then they drop the balls in the glitter dish and roll them around again to coat them.  They gently pick up the balls and poke the pipe cleaner sections into them.  They may set their sparkly decorations in the window as glittery reminders of the Lord's gift of light.

Tissue Art Cross


What You will need:

-different colors of tissue or streamer paper

-cardboard cut to shape of a cross  3 /14 X 5 H



What You will do:

Cut cross out of cardboard.

Add hanger on back of cross with twist tie or cardboard cut-out

Cut tissue paper into squares.

Using pencil eraser side, twist paper around and dip in glue and stick on cross.

Let dry.


Message Magic


What You Will Need:

-2 pieces of construction paper-two different colors





What You Will do:

Fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise.  With the fold at the bottom, write in cursive the word Jesus, letting the letters touch the fold.  Write only the top half of the letter J.  Make your letters large and have space between them.

Leave the paper folded and cut around the letters, leaving a little space around each letter.  Do not cut where the letters touch the fold.  Unfold the paper.

Put a little glue on the back of the cut paper.  Lay it vertically on top of a second sheet of construction paper (a different color!) and press it down.  Let the glue dry.



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