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Here are some ideas that are great for Halloween and to make a great haunted house.

Illustration: Trick or treat

Make your own Halloween soundtrack
(This came out of FamilyFun Magazine)
What you need to do:
***for best results in this, you will need to use an external plug in microphone and record on a looping tape.  This will give you better sound and play the sounds over and over again.
rain- spray water from the sink sprayer into a bowl of water or run the shower water into a bucket.
rumbling thunder-take a large sheet of stiff cardboard.  Holding the edges, shake it back and forth so that the middle part wobbles.  This makes a rumbling thunder noise.
horses hooves-2 empty yogurt containers or flower pots  tapped on a table to make hollow clooping sound.
footsteps-fill a shallow box or pan with dry rice, stand in the bow with shoes on and walk in place.  Start slowly and speed up.  You could even use your hands to walk shoes in place.
wind-recore a whistling teapot or blow across an old plastic bottle
chains-use your hands to mix marbles around in a metal bowl or shake a bag of checkers.
breaking glass-dump a bunch of cut up aluminum pie plate pieces into a metal bowl.  Drop in some individual pieces too.
crackling fire-crumple an empty potato chip bag.
Haunted House Ideas
These ideas work great for a haunted house. 
  • In the yard or up a walkway, stick picnic torches spray-painted black in the ground and place a lighted candle in each.
  • Make a graveyard in the front yard by cutting tombstones out of foamboard bought at an art supply store.  Spray paint the foamboard gray and add dabs of green paint for age.  The of funny names to put on the graves like Ima Goast, R.U. Scared, I.C. Deadguys.
  • Hang black fabric at the entrance to the haunted rooms.
  • Tilt pictures on walls at odd angles (look for old "instant ancestor" portraits in junk stores or at yard sales, the more severe and scary the expressions, the better.
  • scatter dead, wilted flower arrangements around the house.

Gather old bowls and small pails to play "Guess the Body Part".

  • hair-wet yarn
  • ears-dried fruit or two wedges of raw potato
  • noses-small pickles
  • arms-dog bones
  • inside-wet yarn or undercooked macaroni or spaghetti
  • eyeballs-olives or peeled grapes
  • teeth-broken bits of chalk, or candy corn
  • brains-small wet sponges or pieces of cauliflower or a round sponge soaked in yogurt.
  • hands-two rubber gloves filled with wet sand
  • guts-cooked and cooled spaghetti
  • liver-piece of raw liver

Creepy, Crawly Spiders

(From Lets Celebrate Halloween by Peter and Connie Roop 1997: Millbrook Press)

What you will need:

black construction paper, black thread or yarn, scissors, stapler, glue or tape, white paint, or crayon

What you will do:

Cut a circle out of the paper.  Make one cut from the outside to the center of the circle.  Pull the circle together to form a cone and staple or tape together.  Paint or draw two white eyes on the cone, or paste on two white circles.  Cut eight long, thin strips of construction paper.  Fold in an accordion pleat pattern to form springy legs.  Tape, paste, or staple four legs onto the edge of each side of the cone.  Let the spider's eyes be your guide.  Cut a piece of thread, string, or yarn and poke through the cone top, and knot inside.

Bouncing Spider


What You will need:

1 - 2" black pompom

1 - 1" black pompom

2 moving (googly) eyes


12" stick (round dowl)


a long needle

3 - straight chenille for the legs

What You Will Do:

Glue the 2 pom poms together Glue the eyes on the small pom pom. With the needle, thread the elastic thru the 2" pom, tie a knot and tie the other end to the stick. Glue it to hold better too. Add the chenille legs on the bottom of the 2" pompom. Then bend the legs into a ZZ shape.




Why was Dracula crying on Halloween?  He missed him mummy!