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These activities can be done anytime.  Boredom blasters, as they might be called.    Just be careful if doing these with children.  Always have adult supervision with activities that require chemicals or heat.


Dirty Penny Bath-Tarnish Remover
(This idea comes from Concoctions:Recipes for Creeping Crystals, Invisible Ink, Self-Stick Plastic, Grease Paint, Playdough, and Other Inedibles By: Lowi Price and Marilyn Wronsky   1976: New York)
****This cannot be eaten!  So don't even try!****
What you will need:
2 T. vinegar
1/2 t salt
cooking oil
saucepan and potholder
tarnished pennies
paper towel
What you need to do:
Measure the vinegar and salt into a saucepan.  Stir.  Set over medium heat and bring to a boil.  Take the pan off the heat and set on a heat-proof surface.  This is your dirty penny bath.  ***Do not use on anything but pennies.  It will destroy some copper plated items***  Slide pennies into the bath.  Some will instantly be cleaned, others need to be stir them in the pan a minute.  When the tarnish is gone, wash the pennies and then dry them.  Then polish with a bit of cooking oil to make them shine.
Jack Frost Windows
***This is probably good for adults only.  Since it includes items that are not suitable for children***
What You Will Do:
This is perfect to create privacy, such as in a bathroom, or for shielding an ugly view. Make sure your windows are clean before you start.

Dissolve 4 heaping tablespoons of Epsom salts in one cup of beer. This will foam. Let set for at least 30 minutes. The salt crystals will partially dissolve.

Apply to window. This can be done with a 2 inch paint brush, but for a nicer effect, dip a facial tissue or terry cloth in the liquid and wipe over the window as if you were washing it. Then while the window is still wet go back and dab and pat at the glass with the wet tissue.

Mixture dries to form beautiful crystals. This looks even better the next day, and lasts a long time. It can be washed off with water and a cloth and is easily reapplied.

Adults need to keep close supervision on children with any craft project.  Safety is key!