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Maybe this will to understand why I love crafts so much...


For starters... I am Sara.  I am 23 and in college at the current time.    I am going to be a teacher, 3rd grade to be exact. I have a year left and I am taking the last f my classes.   I have a huge collection of crafts and ideas for children and have been collecting since about the time I was in 11th grade.  I knew that I could someday use these to teach with and also could use them myself. 
I grew up on a farm south of Lebanon, Missouri in the little community of Orla.  You can drive right by, blink, and miss the whole place.  My siblings, Andrea and Adam, and I used to spend many hours down the road at my grandparents house and farm, go swimming at the river, and create many things in the barns around the house.  I used to help my aunt run her little greenhouse in the summers.  We were the masters of tomato plants.  My grandpa would then take these plants and grow some of the biggest tomatoes in the country.  People would come from all over to see these masterpieces.
I have always been very creative and tried my hands at many different things.  Even to the point of finding clay out in the field once and trying to mold pots of out it.  They didn't work too well, but I did make some clay marbles that are still to this day harder than any rock.
One of the first reasons to begin collecting these activities was to have them for Vacation Bible School at our church.  I would notice that others at church had crafts that they had ideas for at home and I thought that this would be great for me also.  I began to go through books at church and then later on to the library, in which I worked.
Just always remember when using these ideas, that sometimes they don't work the best the first times and sometimes you have to alter these ideas to fit your abilities.  Good luck and God Bless!

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